Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring Paving

I took this photograph late March 2013, today, the 13th of April, the last of the snow has finally gone!

 Now the snow has gone my thoughts are again turning to out doors and in particular my garden, which I've been lucky enough to add to over the last two years.
Once the clearing up is out of the way I want to lay a narrow path in and around my nascent orchard, three apple trees, one cherry and one pear, to be supplemented by two plum trees and one apricot tree.
I intend to use smaller york stone paving slabs to make paths in what I will be a meadow with fruit trees and soft fruit bushes, gooseberry, black currant and brambles are my particular favourites.

I've a new drive which I will lay with gritstone setts, they are absolutely perfect for parking, and look wonderful.



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