Thursday, 18 October 2012

A good time to lay York stone paving

It's always a good time to lay York stone paving but autumn has advantages, slower growth rates means plants better withstand the stresses and the work is much less likely to interrupt other vital garden activities  such as sun bathing, contemplation and relaxing, which for many, myself included, are the primary functions of a garden. 
After a summer busy with national celebrations and incredible sporting achievements I think this is an ideal time to shape your garden and hard landscaping provides a frame, a structure around which you can create the character of your garden.
Yorkstone paths, steps, terraces and walls help you create distinct areas with differing uses and styles, be it quiet and contemplative, bright and active or relaxed and entertaining, hard landscaping and in particular Yorkstone's timeless feel gives an enduring sense of style and quality.


  1. What beautiful paving. My husband and I are looking to repave our patio into something less tacky. Perhaps we'll use this!

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