Thursday, 7 June 2012

Granite steps and Limestone pier caps

As well as buying yorkstone paving I do occasionally buy associated items like the white granite steps in the top picture above which are 6" x 12" in section, in lengths up to 3 metres. The limestone pier cap which is one of  three is 1.6 metres long by 700mm wide by 150mm thick at the edges. The lower picture is of a smaller limestone cap again I have three of these, each one is 900mm long by 600mm wide and 150mm thick at the edges.

 And, I am still lucky enough to reclaim the nicest yorkstone paving. We reclaimed these, pictured below, from a garden but because they are generally between 3 and 4 inches thick I believe they were originally produced for street paving and are now ready to be used again, which, I think demonstrates the sustainable and timeless beauty of York stone paving.


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