Friday, 13 April 2012

Enjoying York stone

Hopefully we are coming to the time of year when we can spend a little more time outside. Meals on the terrace, lounging on the patio, laughing on the lawn, hiding in the ha-ha and singing in the shrubbery.

After months of indoor weather I'm keen to do the jobs I should have done long ago, clearing the borders, weeding the beds, cleaning the yorkstone on my little courtyard.

It is now the time for me to put the plans I made over winter into action,  laying a small terrace next to the south facing wall of my old small gritstone barn, I have some extremely nice reclaimed yorkstone that will compliment the colours and textures of the gritstone barn beautifully. If it's not too late, I want to plant a few fruit trees, plums and apples, my Mum has found a variety of apple that is native to Derbyshire, not sure it's from the Peak District, where I live, these are the hills weather forecasters often refer to when they say "it will fall as snow on higher ground", but,  the part of the garden for the planned orchard is on a gently inclined south facing slope and my neighbours had a bumper crop of  apples last year, I have 5 carefully stored cookers left. I'm going to use reclaimed York stone as stepping stones to and between the fruit trees, I think the stepping stones will provide the practicality and delineation of a path with the relaxed feel of my "not overly manicured" garden. I like it to look as if nature and chance had a big influence on the design of my garden.

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