Friday, 2 March 2012

Flat Yorkstone

This picture is of the flat yorkstone paving waiting to be loaded on to lorry for delivery to my yard


I took delivery of some very flat reclaimed yorkstone paving from the paths around a large Victorian Parish Church. Some of the flagstones are huge, the largest measured 1.77m x 61cm, I can't recall seeing a bigger slab. It is also the flattest reclaimed york stone  I have ever seen.
I believe that part of the apprenticeship, that masons undertook included making a one foot by one foot square, perfectly flat tablet, they would have a full week to produce this test piece of yorkstone paving. I think the yorkstone flag that measures 1.77m x 61cm is equal to 11'7" square. I reclaimed just over 113 square yards and I wonder how long it took to produce. 113 sq yds is about 1020 square foot, if it takes a week for an apprentice to produce one square foot of flat york stone , we're getting on for 20 years labour. But, I have to believe that a fully skilled time served mason would produce a flat foot square a lot faster than an apprentice. I am constantly amazed by the skill and ingenuity and plain hard work that went into the working of York stone before the mechanisation we now rely so heavily upon.


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