Monday, 25 July 2011

Stone Heritage and Yorkstone

I started Stone Heritage,  and nearly 22 years ago to supply the best quality new yorkstone paving and reclaimed York stone paving to landscapers, designers, architects, contractors,local authorities, gardeners and everyone who appreciates the timeless beauty of English York stone. Over the years I have been asked lots of questions, it seems to me that a "blog" talking about some of the more often asked and more interesting questions might be helpful for those of us who use yorkstone paving, or are considering using York stone or reclaimed yorkstone. Whether indoor or outdoors for a terrace, path, steps, patio, drive or outside rooms York stone has for centuries proved to be the most beautiful and the best. 
Recently I have noticed more people choosing reclaimed yorkstone for small secluded areas, used as retreats from the pressures of life, for contemplation, reflection, reading and most importantly relaxation. I think the qualities  of yorkstone, something that has been created over hundreds of millions of years, York stone's timelessness, yorkstone's solidity,  its durability, its permanence brings a special tranquillity an atmosphere unique to yorkstone.  When writing about Stone Heritage I often ponder about whether to write "yorkstone" or "York stone",  one or two words it makes little difference when laying  or choosing yorkstone but what would my English teacher think? In future blogs I will try to give a little of the history of york stone paving, how it was used and how it was worked. I also hope to be  relevant to those of you who wish to use yorkstone paving, passing on advice from the professional landscapers, designers and architects I supply as well sharing my own views and experience as a supplier and stock holder. Finally if any of you have any questions about york stone, please ask and I will do my best to provide answers.


  1. Hi Paul - I'd be really interested to know what the advantages of reclaimed York stone are. Does it become stronger with age? Or is it just aesthetics - some people preferring weathered stone to fresh cut?

  2. That’s an incredible list of resources! Don’t have time to look through all of them right now, but I am definitely staring this one in my reader. Great resource! Thanks.

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